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Have you ever heard the term Kegels / Kegels? Kegel exercises actually originally intended for mothers who had just given birth. After giving birth out of their generally had problems in holding urine, so do not be surprised if they suddenly wet his pants without them realizing like a baby.

This is caused by muscle weakness loose or vaginal / anal that serves to hold the urine due to the birth process. This exercise was created by a doctor named Kegel, which aims to overcome the above problems. However, recent developments indicate that the exercise is not only useful for the delivery women who have trouble holding urine, but also help solve problems in men who have problems can not hold out when the semen or male sex erect penis is not too hard.

This exercise can also be applied to women with a ways to tighten their vaginal muscles (so that it can hold urine and makes the vagina like a virgin again) or tightening muscles in the penis to control the semen out sooner or later known as premature ejaculation and harden the penis.

With the proper training and regular, can make a man have multiple orgasms and sexual arousal explosion above normal.

For married men, usually when they sex they will experience orgasm only once and after the first orgasm, the penis will instantly limp shorthanded. If you want to continue a second or so usually they will require a delay of about 1 hour to collect even more energy and passion to get tense again and into the next round.

Another case with a woman who can orgasm multiple times in one round of games with no lag time. In other words, women at sex berubungan actually more “powerful” than the man being able to experience multiple orgasms or orgasms without orgasmse After a pause, while men only one time (orgasm is said that the second and so on / multiple orgasms much more enjoyable than an orgasm the first).

What makes the difference in male and female orgasm is. That fundamental difference lies in the male and female orgasm. By the time he had an orgasm, then he will inject semen, while women did not remove sperm. What happens to women is the muscles that tighten around the vagina and hips that gives the sensation of pleasure that came to be called an orgasm. So women do not take time to fill the “bullet” like that of men.

Are men can have multiple orgasms? The answer is maybe. Men may experience multiple orgasms multiple times or premature hardening remain despite repeated orgasms and there is no more semen in the spray can.

To achieve this required phisis and mental exercises. Physical exercise can be Kegels exercise that function to hold up the penis and ejaculation, whereas mental exercise is to train your emotions in order to stay awake passion. Now wait moreover, immediately Kegels exercises and feel the benefits. Is not if we could feel the “happiness” over and over again why should stop at once?

Remember that with practice you will save your life by giving you a healthy prostate and well trained, so do not hesitate to do it every day. There are several reasons why you should do Kegel exercises, especially for men:

1. This exercise can overcome premature ejaculation (ejaculating under three minutes).

2. Make the penis look more “muscular”.

3. Can make your penis very hard erections whenever you want.

4. Improve blood circulation in your penis.

5. Can increase your sexual stamina.

6. Increasing the volume and intensity of ejaculation.

7. Increasing the flow urineri.

8. The ability to obtain a multi-orgasm.

9. Can give you a healthy prostate and trained.

This exercise can cure impotence besides many other sexual problems commonly associated with age. Reality behind impotence and all other sexual problems is a muscle Pubococcygeus very weak (except if impotence is caused by the disease, like diabetes which is very severe, however you can still try at least to not make more severe impotence)

Below I will explain where to position your Pubococcygeus muscles, how to seek to be trained, and basic exercises to make your Pubococcygeus ready with a more intense exercise, the exercise Pubococcygeus Blaster.


The picture above shows the anatomy of the muscles you Pubococcygeus, which is also often referred to as the PC. The first step to begin your PC exercises is to find the location where your PC is. Some men may find their PC muscles without ever knowing its existence.

THE MOST RAPID TEST: Ereksikan your penis. If you can make your penis move by themselves in a state of erection, it means you’ve found your PC muscle. If you can not do this, then you next need to urinate (pee), and stop the flow of urine before it was over. Muscle that you use to stop your urine is your PC muscle. If you have difficulty doing this means you are VERY need this exercise! More details on your PC muscle is a muscle that pressing or holding your urine.

Who needs the PC muscle exercises? ALMOST EVERYONE! Neither men nor women, they will get huge benefits from this exercise `to do at least 200-500 times the PC muscle tension per day! Some men even have to do this exercise than others. The following is a list of problems that can be caused due to have a weak PC muscle:

1. Erection of a weak (partial erection)

2. Weak Ejaculation

3. Ejaculation volume & low intensity

4. Premature ejaculation

5. Impotence (can be the beginning of an affair)

And many more effects from your PC muscle weakening. Thus, this exercise is without doubt the most important exercise to do because it was useless if you have a very large penis, but not hard. Having a strong PC muscle will make you do what you always wanted, and the best in this exercise is to save your life by giving you a healthy prostate!

Let We Start:

To find the position of the PC muscles, you can stop the flow of urine while urinating. Your muscles tighten your PC muscle is. Ancient Chinese people call this exercise called the exercise “tightening the anus” based on fact (it makes your anus tight when you’re tense the PC muscle).

Now try doing the same thing (to tighten your anus) about ten even twenty times to find out about how well you can focus it. If your PC muscle fatigue after doing twenty times the tension, it means your PC muscle VERY not trained! After you make the tension about twenty times or more, tighten your PC muscle as hard as possible and hold for as you can. While this may intimidate you at first because your PC muscle weakness, but in a few months of regular practice and discipline, you will be able to resist the urge to ejaculate with only tense your PC muscle as tight as possible until the urge disappeared.

Start by doing ‘tight-loose’ at a fixed rate of thirty times times. At the end of this set, istiharatlah for about thirty seconds. Then continue with two more sets, and rest for thirty seconds between each setnya. After that you should have a better control on muscle more than just your PC before you caused warming increases blood flow to your penis.

Exercise PC Clamps / Kegels:

Tight and loose movements on your PC muscles continuously. Start with thirty sets, and then a hundred sets of even more. I myself usually do this exercise for about five hundred times and you know the consequence, my penis is always erect (very loudly of course) every time I woke up from bed in the morning. With this exercise your PC muscles are trained more quickly and better make sure you do this exercise at least three hundred times the PC Clamps a day for your life. Then you will immediately understand that this exercise is the best step you can do for your health and your sexual ability.

Exercise Long Slow Squeeze:

First of all do warm up by doing thirty sets of PC Clamps and tighten as hard and as deep as possible and then hold (approximately three pulh seconds). When you can no longer hold and release. and rest for thirty seconds after that. Repeat the above exercise five times. After a month training, you should be able to keep hold for at least several minutes in one grip. You know that this exercise will give effect to your penis erection is very hard and can make you stay in the game of sex for as long as you want. In the end, this exercise increase to ten sets of holding for two minutes. It may sound like too much, but you will see tremendous benefits! You will be able to blow your ejaculations from a distance of 1 meter.

Exercise PC Stair Steps:

This exercise is done in a way similar to that above but with the tightening and loosening your PC muscle gradually. Do it with your PC muscle, hold, then stronger kencangkah, hold, tighten it a little harder, hold, and tighten as hard as you can and hold. Last stand for twenty seconds, then relax a little, hold, relax more, hold, relax more, hold, then release the total. Perform this exercise five times without a break between each session.

Exercise your PC Tremble:

Start by tightening the PC muscle very slowly. SO slow hungga take five minutes to reach a total fast. At some point you might feel you can not tighten your PC muscle much longer, but fasten STAY TRYING! Continue to do more than you expect. Stay fasten it to your PC muscles begin to tremble. Hold SEKENCANGNYA at this point and drag your breath very slowly and in thirty seconds. After thirty seconds, tighten your PC even more, continually try to reach a new condition. When the sense of pain and release did twenty times the PC Clamp. You should be very exhausted after this exercise. Do one set every day by the end of your training.

Actually Kegel exercises are not only meant for men only. Women also are needed to keep the vaginal opening remains tight as a virgin. It would be nice because my husband was having sex on the first night every day! J

Diligent Passionate Sex Symbol =

In addition to Kegel exercises, exercise is very effective for maintaining sexual desire. Achieving a perfect sex life does not just focus on the perfect body shape. Because the attractive body shape may not mean because a lack of fitness. Conversely, the less sexy body even yet fit, it will bring sexual sensation incredible!

According to some experts Seksologi, can not be denied that the sex whose name is closely related to physical activity. That is, when sexual activity takes place of muscle strength, flexibility and stamina. Not surprisingly, then sport as one of supporting the creation of a passionate sexual life.

The question is, sports or exercises the kind of powerful to give an injection of passion for the sex life? Curious? Just follow the following:

· Train your upper body area. Abdominal region over this role is quite important. Because the area is tersebutlah sexual organs such as breasts. Of course you want your breasts look fast is not it? Also keep in mind the importance of strength training the muscles of your arms, either by Dumbledore or by using a thick book like a dictionary or thesaurus for example.

The importance of training · pubococcyceal mucles aka PC. These muscles known as the muscle of love being around the vaginal area. By exercising the PC is, according to experts, will strengthen and tighten the inner structure of the vagina.

· Train the buttocks. Tight ass not only make you more pe-de, was of course will attract more attention and excitement your partner.

· Other exercises, like jumping rope, jogging, and riding a stationary bike also needs to be done. What do these exercises with your sex life? Many motion as they do in these exercises will burn slightly more calories and reduce fat in our bodies. Positive result then, our bodies become lighter and fitter. Well, if your body is fit and healthy sexual life was often no less enjoyable.

For the exercises above, recommended by the experts that you do these exercises with the help of a professional instructor.

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